Monday, July 21, 2008

Billionaire Wife buys 50 Million Dollar Yacht

Tina Ambani, wife of billionaire bollywood Anil Ambani, is buying a yacht worth about $46.8 million. Ambani’s yacht will most likely be like the Mallya’s 95m Indian Empress, which is powered by three 10,000hp engines.

“I cannot comment on Tina Ambani buying a super yacht. If it is a super yacht, it will be an exceptional buy,” said Shakeel Kudrolli, managing director of Acquasail Pvt. Ltd that represents Chantiers Beneteau SA, a leading yacht company.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Zero-emission Yacht

The Mochi Long Range 23 is given being given the title of the first zero emission motor yacht over 20m.

It has a standard twin 550hp MAN diesels, but has a hybrid engine electric motor that will allow the Mochi to cruise for up to 9 hours on electric power. Meaning it's silent and no emissions!

The yacht has a unique hull shape which helps the boat in achieving no emissions. It is said to have more stability when compared to other hulls.

The Mochi Long Range 23 will be launched in October at the Genoa Boat Show.